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How It Works

At Rent A Space, we’re all about helping you find the perfect space for your events. Skip the hassle of asking your friends, making calls, or spending money to consult event planner, simply fill in our enquiry form and we’ll recommend you awesome spaces for your events – for FREE!

1. Fill in the Booking Form

location magnifying glass iconGet started. Take 5 minutes to fill in the enquiry form. Let us understand your event details such as budget, no. of pax and amenities in order to recommend you the best event venue.

2. Recommendation and Booking

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We will take 24 hours to process your enquiry and get in touch with you. A recommendation list of 2-3 ideal event spaces that fit your enquiry will be given to you. The recommendations are based upon careful review of your requirements (such as no. of pax, budget, food, amenities, etc). Upon your confirmation, we shall make the booking with our Space Providers.

3. Secure Payment

The last step is to make payment to secure your event space on the specified date.

The payment you make is solely for the price of the space, no consultation or recommendation charges will be incurred for Rent A Space’s services. It is our assurance that the rates you get with Rent A Space will be more affordable if not at the very least equivalent to direct walk-in or call-up to Space Providers. If otherwise, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.


Why use our services?

i) It’s Easy

All you have to do is fill in the enquiry form to get started. Your enquiry will be processed within 24 hours. Skip through the trouble of having to do your own cold calls, price quotations and length wait.

ii) It’s Free

Upon receiving your enquiry, our Space crew will start the matchmaking process. We will then give you a list of event space recommendation consisting of 2-3 unique spaces to cater your needs. It’s free and hassle-free.

iii) It’s Rewarding

Get better deals and lower rates when you enquire with us. Also, earn rebates and reward points every time you book an event space or refer a friend.

Get Started Now

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