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Majestic Theater Penang

Celebration, Dining, Peformance, Pop-Up, Seminar, Wedding
31, Jalan Phee Choon, George Town, 10050 George Town, Penang

With its heritage antiquity from the 1930s, its blazingly iconic interior is capable of making any event a timeless classic. This event space possesses an unworldly charm that is simply – majestic, ideal for a variety of events from corporate celebrations to happening performances.

The Majestic Theatre is located at the heart of George Town, within the UNESCO Heritage site. Built in 1929, Majestic Theatre which was the first cinema in Penang to screen Chinese talkies. The theatre was built by Khoo Sian Ewe who was a prominent philanthropist at that time. The theatre was left abandoned since 1980 and has been completed restored in 2016 to become a contemporary multipurpose events space. The interior pays tribute to its past cinematic heritage and is evident in the black and white flooring and patterns, reminiscent of the movie clapperboard design. There are also avant garde murals of movie posters from the 60s which are located at The Circle and on the doors of the toilets. The Majestic Theatre has a generous expanse of pillarless space on the ground floor with high ceilings; perfect for a multitude of setup configurations from gala dinners and stage performances to mid sized exhibitions and sports related activities. The Circle located upstairs (formerly the 1st class seating area) is ideal for pre-dinner cocktail events. The Majestic Theatre is also located within a heritage enclave with neighbouring amenities such as Loke Thye Kee Cafe, Restaurant + Bar and Loke Thye Kee Residences.

Venue Dimension & Seating Capacity
1. Theatre (Ground Floor)
Dimension (m): 20 x 19
Area (sq m): 380
Height (m): 380
Banquet: 400 pax
Classroom: 150 pax
Theatre: 500 pax
Cocktail: 500 pax

2. The Circle (1st Floor)
Area (sq m): 120
Height (m): 120
Banquet: 100 pax
Theatre: 100 pax
Cocktail: 150 pax

Amenities of Majestic Theater Penang

  • WIFI

* Mandatory Field