According to research, we all make 35,000 remotely conscious decisions in a day. It’s really overwhelming if you think about it!
The idea of making a good decision sure seems scary and stressful for some. You have to really think things through, do proper research, consult experts and even come up with a contingency plan – all just to make sure that you don’t suffer from unwanted consequences.

We got your back, buddy.

Lucky for you, we help you to make big decisions easy with Rent A Space. Forget about the long research, the unnecessary anxiety and the sleepless nights, making decisions for your company annual dinner will no longer be a daunting task! We’ll work magic for you from the venue recommendation to quotation and booking. All you have to do is to announce it to your company that this year’s annual dinner (or appreciation night) will be spectacular.

Note: The picks listed and endorsed here are a recommendation for small to medium companies (SME) with no more than 100 employees.

#1 Hard Rock Cafe
This cafe doesn’t let you sit still. Why, you’d ask? It’s the music, it somehow manages to slip into your body. You get the rockstar vibes on the dance floor. A stylish space set over two floors and good music to rock your night, you’ll be certain to love your gatherings here.


Capacity: 80 pax
Stand Out: The lights, tempo and rhythm
Event Mash-ups: Celebration, reunion and farewell

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#2 Kim Haus
A goldsmith turned hotel integrated with their very own cafe, studio, and gold museum, this space is what gets the rhapsody going in Georgetown. Famed for their palatable cuisine and freshly baked bread, it’s a place perfect for any occasion be it a company luncheon or celebrating your dad’s birthday. You get to enjoy the live band and performances every weekend!

Capacity: 100 pax
Stand Out: The ambiance, the stage and the pesto
Event Mash-ups: Corporate meeting, birthday bash and band performance

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#3 Black Kettle

If you’re looking to indulge in the finest pastries, or just a good cup of latte, you’ve come to the right place. This French-inspired Patisserie is so cozy that you literally lose track of time. One more thing, let this be a warning that you might be torn between having to choose the pastries or pastas – they’re both just good stuff.

Capacity: 100 pax
Stand Out: Private events are made possible with the huge space upstairs
Event Mash-ups: Friends gathering, birthday party and bachelor’s night out

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#4 Macallum Connoisseurs
Great events are made up of a few key ingredients – spaciousness is among them. There is just so much you can do with long tables and a spacious concourse area. Minimalism in it’s name, coffee in it’s game, events with Macallum Connoisseurs are never the same.

Capacity: 80 pax
Stand Out: The versatility of the space allows for different occasions
Event Mash-ups: Family gathering, seminar and product launch

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#5 Le Perigord
Classic meets elegance. Le Perigord is a French-inspired dining which offers quality Western cuisine and fine wine. Don’t let the brick and mortar interior fool you, in fact, this space has been guilty of making diners salivate more than they should.

Capacity: 80 pax
Stand Out: The ambiance, versatility and ability to customize menu for different occasions.
Event Mash-ups: Birthday, corporate seminar and wedding photoshoot

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#6 Gudang Cafe
Do you know that ‘Godown’ is an actual word? It is English for ‘Gudang’ or warehouse. At Gudang Cafe,
you can always count on two things for a good time – the affordable Japanese cuisine and the antiquated interior. It is as if every piece of furniture has its own unique story to tell.

Capacity: 60 pax
Stand Out: The unconventional stage for emceeing and hosting
Event Mash-ups: Company dinner, baby shower, speed dating

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#7 Mansion Twenty
A space of lively music, exciting food and luxuriant alcohol. Fall in love with Mansion Twenty’s alfresco dining, a simplistic garden dining at the restaurant cum bistro’s backyard. If it’s your company’s culture to be exciting and playful, this place is a fit in the bucket.

Capacity: 80 pax
Stand Out: The stage and the exhilarating atmosphere that keeps the party rockin’
Event Mash-ups: Group dining, wedding proposal and cocktail party

There you have it, our Top 7 Picks for Company Annual Dinner in Penang! If you’d like to find out more about how to organize your own event, how to spice it up with other services such as catering or entertainers or simply want us to give you space recommendations, let us help – it’s always FREE!

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