Wait. Wait. And wait. Too often, that’s a common scenario most of us encounter when we’re searching and asking for quotations to book places for an event. You know what’s even harder? Big events. Events with 200 people, 500 people or 1000 people. Naturally, the bigger then events, the longer the wait. Also, there’s just too much to do – working out a best deal with the space provider, liaising with different departments, reporting to your superiors, working with the kitchen and service providers, etc. Honestly, it’s dreadful. We understand, because we’ve been put under that spot far too many times.

Today, we’re going to walk with you, hand in hand, on creating the most outstanding company annual dinner. After all, it’s what brings the employees and co-workers together – to celebrate and feast under one roof.

Hosting big events is never only about the budget. The space, seating arrangements, stage, lightings, sound system, menu, theme, agenda, photographer, photobooth, emcee – the list can really go on and on. The success of a company’s annual dinner is a combination and precision of all these ingredients.

What you ought to do is to pick a vehicle that best suits your company and put us onto your driver’s seat – let us drive (literally speaking).

1. Browse through and handpick a few spaces that are just what your company needs. Take these factors into consideration: location, seating capacity, gourmet and amenities .
2. Get service providers to spice up your night. You may want to align your theme and activities beforehand. For big events, it’s always handy to include an emcee, a live band, and entertainers like magicians or comedians.
3. This is the part where most people miss out. Gifts & decorations. From the floral table linen, door gifts to the company’s proud backdrop at the reception, they’re all just as important to making your annual celebration stunning.

By now you should be convinced that as long as you follow these steps, it’s entirely possible for you to create your event doesn’t matter the size. Get ready for your wildest and most spectacular Gala Awards Night!

1) Suffolk House

What does 200 years of history do to a mansion? A richer story. What was once home to many successive British governors is now a restaurant-cum-wedding venue, one of the finest mashups between luxury and legacy in Penang. If you think your company deserves to celebrate like royalty, experience the exquisiteness of dining as governors and mayors.

Capacity: 180 pax
Stand Out: The mansion’s rich history and its picturesque landscape
Event Mash-ups: Executive dinner, milestone celebration, wedding-in-style

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2) Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang

Century-old rain trees, lush gardens and top-notch hospitality are what give Rasa Sayang it’s distinctive identity as a secluded resort paradise. Events celebrated at this resort automagically seem more lively and extravagant, no doubt it’s a true definition of style meets substance.

Capacity: 300 pax
Stand Out: Architecture infused with genuine tropical rain trees
Event Mash-ups: Wedding ceremony, awards night and business conference

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3) Lexis Suites

Lexis is an embodiment of luxury and leisure. The Hibiscus Grand Ballroom, for instance can host impressively large scale business conventions or wedding ceremonies of up to 420 people. Overseeing the horizon at level 24, The Sky Terrace is an opportune alternative for open-air banquet and social gatherings amidst beautiful ambience. From dining to entertainment, gatherings to conventions – Lexis Suites Penang seamlessly caters to your event, making you feel like a VIP.

Capacity: 420 pax
Stand Out: The all-rounded and upbeat facilities
Event Mash-ups: Business talks, team building activities and graduation ceremony

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4) Equatorial Hotel

Tucked away on a hillock, the towering 5-star Equatorial Hotel is reputed to have the largest ballroom on the island – housing up to 840 people. Unparalleled in it’s spaciousness and ambiance, guests are pampered to a one-of-a-kind experience for banquets, conferences and conventions. Immerse in first-class tranquility from the amicable hospitality to the overlook of the hotel’s golf course.

Capacity: 840 pax
Stand Out: The grandeur of the grand ballrooms
Event Mash-ups: Wedding dinner, business awards night and prom night

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5) The Wembley St. Giles Hotel

Seamlessly brilliant. That’s what we think about St. Giles Wembley. First off, it’s sleek. The interior and the lightings emit a sense of imposing beauty. Secondly, it’s stylish. As one of the largest pillar-less ballroom in Penang, no wonder events that happen here sparkle and glitter. Also, the 10 different function rooms are ideal for boardroom meetings or training workshops.

Capacity: 1,100 pax
Stand Out: First hotel in Penang to have a helipad on the roof top (prior permission to access will be required)
Event Mash-ups: Wedding proposal, company appreciation dinner, TED-talks

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6) Iconic Hotel

Everybody loves their events to be gorgeous. Well, with the all new Iconic Hotel, you most definitely can. A true convergence of technology and beauty, Iconic Hotel is deservingly carving its name in the event industry. From a simple flipchart to the most advanced audiovisual system, your audience will undoubtedly love everything you’ve got to say.

Capacity: 400
Stand Out: The cutting-edge technology to magnify excitement of any event
Event Mash-ups: Wedding dinner, skills workshop and Datuk’s birthday bash

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7) Majestic Theatre

With it’s heritage antiquity from the 1930s, it’s blazingly iconic interior is capable of making any event a timeless classic. This event space possesses an unworldly charm that is simply – majestic, ideal for a variety of events from corporate celebrations to happening performances.


Capacity: 800 pax
Stand Out: The cutting-edge technology to magnify excitement of any event
Event Mash-ups: Team-building events, concert & performance and product launch

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While the size of an event matters, the amount of passion and preparation required for any event remains the same. With www.rentaspace.my, our mission is to empower everyday individuals like you and me to discover, book and organize their events just like you would with hotel reservations. We work closely with our space providers to give you the best deals, ensuring your event spaces are what you deserve. If you’re looking for service providers, you could always consult our online concierge team to assist you on any questions at all – it’s always FREE!