About Us

The fact is, we’re all inherently born with ideas, some amazing; others buried by our everyday bustle. It can be a handicraft event you’ve always wanted to showcase, a Japanese restaurant that you’ve always wanted to run or a financial planning seminar that you’ve always wanted to inspire. You’ve always wanted to tell the world your story. We know how much talent and struggle you pull through to do what you do.

That is why we want to help you to tell your story. We believe that every idea needs a right space to manifest, just like how a plant needs wonderful soil to grow.

Today, Rent A Space is a community e-marketplace for people to list and discover short-term pop up event spaces. Featuring some of the most unique spaces and urbanities, we take your ideas to an exhilarating journey of visibility to larger audiences through areas of high foot traffic. To put it simply, with our online and on-the-ground local concierge team, we take your pop-up ideas beyond boundaries – into a real business.

Our secret formula to help you get started:

Great Idea  +  Great Space   =   Amazing Story