About Us

It all began when we were looking for an event space to celebrate our best friend’s birthday.

Honestly, we were dumbfounded how something so simple turned out to be so tedious. We had limited knowledge on the places we could go to with very little resources – we were indecisive.


It then dawned on us.

What if we could streamline all the amazing event spaces and assemble them under one roof?

What if everyday people, just like you and me could create our own meaningful events?

What if celebrating events can be made convenient and rewarding?


Today, Rent A Space strives to simplify the process of researching, reviewing and booking of event spaces. We dedicate our services to empower individuals to stay connected and be part of the event community. To achieve that, we actively build relationships and get the best deals from hotels, cafes, bars, lounges, offices, museums or any other beautiful venues. Our Space Providers, now more than ever, love events to be held at their premises.